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The Most Trusted Name in Fake Wootton News

All the News Unfit to Print

The (WHS) Daily Show
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Welcome, Wootton students!

Unlike whs_bestweekevr, which does a hilariously brilliant weekly recap of real life at Wootton, whs_daily_show, often referred to as "The Daily Show's Dorky Little Brother with Braces, Acne, and Too Many Magic Trading Cards," is devoted to being--what else?--the most trusted name in fake news. Fake Wootton High School news, that is.

If you need further convincing, just look at what critics have to say!

"An amateur mockery of what could otherwise be a somewhat decent livejournal community." --The New York Times

"Goes against everything Jon Stewart stands for on The Daily Show...I could actually feel myself getting dummer while reading its posts. See, look. I spelled "dumber" wrong." --Tucker Carlson, CNN's Crossfire

"Brilliant. Beautifully written, funny...I'm sure I'd like it if I could read." --Jessica Simpson, pop star

"Is that what you people think of me?!" --Jon Stewart, The Daily Show

"If you hate The Daily Show, you'll surely hate this community." --my mom, Jewish mother

"..." --Wootton's ASL class

"A complete joy to read from beginning to end. Harper Lee masterfully uses tone, imagery, and character development to demonstrate the racism prevalent in the South during the 1930s, and even more impressively, she does it through the eyes of an eight-year-old girl...it's easy to see why Mockingbird is an American classic." --American Classics Journal

"Exposes the strife and heartbreak of an average high school so well that it has inspired me to write a new song called 'Exposed Strife and Heartbreak of an Average High School'...aw shit, now I'm crying again. Lemme just get a Kleenex...dammit, I'm all out. I used my last one three minutes ago. Can someone get me a Kleenex? My broken heart would be forever grateful." --Chris Carraba, Dashboard Confessional

Are you convinced yet?

(Especially if you don't have cable.)